Empowering women with photography in Somerset

There are plenty of reasons why we want professional photographs of ourselves. I wouldn’t mind some myself!  When I think about it, I would like some lovely photos that show me as a professional photographer, some that show me as a caring mother and some that show me as …. well, as Me.  

If you’ve picked up from my About Me  page on my website, you’ll know that there are three things in life that I consider important:

My family

My work

My music

When I started out as a musician, back when I was eighteen, I found it difficult to show who I really was, finding it easier to work behind a stage persona. This was a while ago, before ‘Girl Power’ was really a thing, and the music industry was, quite honestly, a hotbed of misogyny.

When I started out as a mother … well… who I was didn’t really seem important  – it was, quite rightly, all about the children!

By the time I started out in business, I have to confess, I found it a little tricky to show who I really was. I shied away from the intrusive nature of social media (still do!) preferring to use my website and pictures to set out my stall.

It’s slightly ironic to me that taking photographs of other people, and the connections that naturally form when working with others in such a close-up and personal manner, has taught me so much about who I am. There’s emotion every time I photograph and edit newborn and baby pictures, there’s a sense of nostalgia and memories of my loved ones when I drive back from photographing family get-togethers and milestone events. And there’s a shared sense of pride and excitement when working with local start-ups and business re-brands, and then, I pretty much cry at every wedding I shoot, usually during the vows. It’s a good chunk of the work that I value most, well, not the crying obvs, but definitely the emotion and shared connection. I dunno, maybe it’s because I’m Pisces?!

This is the second shoot I’ve had with the lovely M. she needs photographs for all sorts of reasons. We both enjoy working together, and the trust that is built shows in the final photographs.

It takes a certain amount of courage to step out in front of the camera like this, and I do all I can to quickly put my clients at ease. I know how pleased M. was with the results and I can’t wait to work with her again.

And now I’m looking for a photographer that will do the same for me … I’d love to have a stint on the other side of the lens!

Please get in touch if you want the job!!


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